11 Better Toys & Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Girls

Unique gifts for 13 year old girls can be hard to come by. Your teen girl wants to fit in with her friends and you can play a big part in making her feel cool by finding stuff she will love this Christmas or for her 13th birthday. We suggest you focus on cool clothes that is in style among her friends. Another good option is a gift card to her favorite clothing store which is sure to be hit among gifts for 13 year old girls!

Since they’ve just entered the teenager phase of their lives, they may start to be interested in different types of presents than you’ve been used to getting them all these years and as a result this can make the shopping season complicated and stressful.

Our list of gifts is also shorter than you may have been expecting. Many other sites have lengthier reviews which can make it tricky to narrow own your search. That won’t be an issue when reading our reviews as we’ve only included the very best unique presents for girls age 13.

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The uniqueness of a gift for teenagers can be difficult for parents to determine. When it comes to finding presents for your daughter’s birthday or for Christmas, you’ll want to find things that you know they may already have an interest in.

For example, if they like fashion, you can pick out the choker set or watch that we’ve reviewed. Maybe they’re into music, in which case, the pair of headphones in our list could make for an excellent present.

Other good gift ideas for a girl aged 13 include art sets, stylish clothing and even products related to skincare and makeup as it’s something your girl is likely becoming more interested in by the day.

These headphones have a folding feature that makes them great for girls to carry around in their bag while traveling. A microphone has been built in which lets users have hands free conversations.

It’s located on the wire which also has controls that make it convenient to alter the volume.


Being foldable makes these headphones easier to travel with

Good sound quality


Some units just stopped working

This Cookbook could be a very useful present for a teen girl to put into practical use. It comes with a range of more than 75 recipes to read and learn how to make.

It’s available in paperback or Kindle form to ensure that you can pick the option that you think your girl will learn from the best.


All the recipes have affordable ingredients

Easy to follow recipes


The food in this book is not the healthiest choices

This stylish watch comes with a fantastic white design and a watch face that has been made with the design of the universe. This design feature is what makes it such a unique present.

The band that has been used it very soft and feels comfortable to wear. Environmentally friendly materials have also been utilized to make the watch.


The colorful dial stands out well against the white of the watch

Easy to read the time


Theses watches tend to break

The nightlight feature available with Bluetooth Alarm Clock can glow in 48 different colors. A touch control system is available which lets you have control over the colors and brightness.

With the Bluetooth enabled speaker, users are able to have their devices wirelessly connected to listen to music. A USB cable has been included to make charging the speaker nightlight easier.


The 3 functions-in-one are useful. Speaker, alarm and night light

Doesn’t take up a lot of space


Not very user friendly

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This FujiFilm instant camera set features a variety of accessory items that includes a case, frames, stickers, and more. Teen girls can use these accessories to get creative with how they display the pictures they take.

The camera allow you to take photos that can be instantly printed. You can see the photos come out in amazing quality due to the high quality lens that has been fitted. A flash feature is also available to take pictures in the dark.


You get a lot of accessories for the price

Fun to watch the pictures develop


The pictures are quite small

Teens who are into wearing chokers are provided with a lot to choose from in this set. There are 3 different choker styles available across this broad set of 30 chokers.

They’ve been made with high standard materials to make sure that they feel comfortable for teens to wear. There are also adjustable features available that make them even more comfortable.


There is enough chokers that kids can wear a different once each day

Great price


Several of the plastic chokers break easily

Spikeball is an extremely popular game among teenagers and adults these days. It isgamea 4 player game with a net and table along with 3 balls and a bag to carry the game. 13 year old girls will enjoy that this game brings them and their friends together!


This game is easy to take anywhere

You get a great workout when playing


The net for this game does not have enough bounce

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This gift set comes with 5 Nivea products including enriched body lotion, moisturizer, Moisturizing body wash, In-shower body lotion, and lip care. These skin care products all come in a nice little bag that can be used when traveling. This gift set makes an especially great gift for young teens who tend to have problems with dry skin.


The bag is large enough to carry all your toiletries when traveling

Great products in this set


Some of the products came spilled or missing

This 251 piece wall collage set comes with cardstock prints, sticker sheets, foam spacers all made with wall safe tape. You can use the wall collage pieces as is, use them to enhance a picture wall, or use them to create a vision board. The pieces in this set will make a large enough wall collage that it can become the focal feature of the teens room.


Easy for individual children to customize

Lots of positive messages for the child


Doesn’t stick to the wall as well as it should

These rollerblades make a great gift for teenage girls who enjoy spending time outdoors and like staying active. The skates have a rust resistant aluminum frame and the skate body is made of premium PP material, sandwich mesh, PVC leather and EPE foam. They also have colorful flashing wheels. The skates come in sizes small, medium and large.


Skates can be adjusted

The aluminum frame offers good support


Velcro strap is weak and may break

This messenger bag makes a great gift for young teens. This bag is perfect for everyday use, traveling, shopping and so much more. The bag has zipper pockets on the back and the front of the bags. The bag can be worn either cross body or over the shoulder. This bag holds a lot of items including make up, notebooks, wallet, water bottles, and so much more.


The bag is a nice size not too large and not too small

The external pockets are convenient for holding keys, student ID, sunglasses and more


Doesn’t hold up extremely well

There you have it, our list of the best stuff for your daughter. These make perfect gifts if your girl is thirteen and probably even fourteen. We know that Christmas time and bday can be difficult and stressful for you as a parent so we hope that we have inspired you with some awesome ideas that stimulate further thought and help you save time while making your daughters special day a memorable one.