Unique Gifts for an 8 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything

By the time most young girls reach the age of 8 they are ready to begin 3rd grade, have nailed the basics of reading and math and have begun friendships. In addition, their interests are extremely varied and they are eager to try new hobbies and activities that may come along.

With that in mind we have assembled a list of premium and highly rated gifts that should appeal to most girls of who are turning 8!

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Top Pick: Roller Shoes

Runner Up: Foldable Kick Scooter

2nd Runner Up: Trampoline for the Whole Family

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Toys & Gifts for Girls Who Are Turning 8

Educational Value

Entertainment Value

The Best Gift Ideas & Toys for 8 Year Old Girls List

1. Sewing Kit

This cute little sewing kit will make a great gift for young girls since it comes with 8 pre cut animals ready to sew. With holes already punched in the animals, children can concentrate on making their stitches and experience success right away.

This sewing kit will help children develop fine motor skills and build their self esteem.


Great starter kit for younger children

The animals are cute and fairly easy for children to make


Stickers may peel off after a while

2. Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze is a fun game for young girls with over 60 challenges that ranges from simple to quite difficult. The idea is to choose a challenge card and then create a maze that steel marble can run through.

This game will grow with the child and helps them improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as some beginning engineering skills as well.


Holds a child’s interest

Different challenges suitable to different skill levels


May require more patience then some children have

3. Fairy Jar Lights

A perfect 8th birthday gift for a young lady who loves crafts in this fairy jar kit. The Fairy Lantern kit has everything the child will need (Except the AAA batteries) to make their own fairly lanterns. The child will be able to let their creativity flow as they choose from plenty of materials to make stunning little fairy lights to give as gifts or keep for themselves.


Can use the leftover materials for other craft projects

Really allows young girls to be creative


Some of the lights don’t work

4. Lego Disney Princess Elsa’s Ice Palace

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas present for any young girl who likes building with Legos then this Lego Disney Princess Elsa’s Magical Palace will make an excellent gift. This 701 piece building set comes with Elsa, Anna, Oalf, and 4 snowgie mini figures as well as the castle and other accessories.

This building set not only allows for hours of imaginative building fun, but will help the child develop fine motor skills as well as problem solving skills.


Lots of great detail

Great interactive details


May be too difficult for some children without parental help

5. Lascoota Scooter

If your little girl is ready for a big girl scooter then this Lascoota scooter will make a wonderful Christmas present or birthday gift. The scooter is lightweight, has a wide deck, good brakes and rubber handle for more comfort. The scooter even folds for easy transport.

This scooter will help strengthen the child’s gross motor muscles and help them be more independent.


Scooter is sturdy

Good quality materials


The fold pin malfunctions on some scooters

6. Jewelry Making Kit

If the young girl on your gift shopping list likes jewelry this jewelry making kit will make the ideal birthday gift or Christmas present. With 2600 beads and plenty of elastic cord this kit will allow the young girl in your life to make their own necklaces, rings, bracelets and even headbands.

The beads and string comes into a handy organizer tray that allows you to keep everything neatly sorted. This kit will help the child develop fine motor skills, tactile stimulation and creativity.


A large selection of beads to choose from

Great for beginners


Not very many of each type of beads

7. Ice Dragon Inflatable Sled

If you are looking for a gift to keep your child busy during the winter months then this Ice Dragon Snow tube makes a great gift for snowy day fun. This cute dragon will have plenty of appeal for almost any young child. This snow tube does come with a patch kit to repair any leaks that may occur from running over stones or sticks.


Fast on the snow

Cute and well made


Easy to get holes in this tube

8. Trampoline

If you are looking for a large Christmas present for your 8 year old daughter or a family gift for several children then this trampoline will make a great long lasting gift. This trampoline comes in various sizes including 10, 12, 14 and 16 feet and is made from hot-dipped galvanized frame and net poles. It has a waterproof surface, heavy duty stitching, anti-skid ladder and comes with a rain cover.


Not difficult to assemble

Rain cover is great for protecting the trampoline from sap and pine needles


User weight limit is not clear. The instruction book says 330 pounds

9. Bottle Bash Game

If you are looking for a fun backyard game that can also be played at the park, the beach or on camping trips for a young girl then bottle bash makes a great game that encourages teamwork and cooperation. This game will aid a young child in building their reaction time, aim, visualization, and socialization skills.

The game comes with everything that is needed to play the game including 2 plastic bottles, 2 poles with point counters and the Frisbee. There is a mesh carrying bag to keep everything in when it is not being used or it is being transported.


Fun for all ages

Great family or party game


Poles may fall when hit the Frisbee

10. Stare Junior

Stare Junior is a great board game to give any young girl for a birthday or Christmas present. This game is perfect for family night or for any sleepover party with easy to follow rules and lots of laughs. The object of the game is to draw a game card, stare at it for 30 minutes and then try and answer questions based on the card.

This card will help children improve their concentration, help them increase their memory and learn how to recall details.


Game comes with lots of cards

Encourages rule following


Some people find the cards to small to see all the details

What Are Good Non-Toy Gifts for an 8 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything?

1. Roller Shoes

If you are looking for a unique birthday or Christmas gift for a young 8 year old girl a cute pair of roller shoes will be both useful and fun. These Easy roller shoes can be worn in 3 different ways. It can be worn with 2 wheels, 1 wheel or as regular sneakers. In addition to the rollers the shoes light up around the outside of the soles. The LED lights are rechargeable.


When using 2 wheels acts as inline skates

Shoes are good quality


Some users have problems with the lights on the shoes

2. Set of Emily Windsnap Books

Books always make a good gift for birthdays or Christmas as they allow a child to experience adventure, science, fantasy and more without leaving their home. This set of books “6 Swishy Tails of Land and Sea” covers the fantasy story about a girl who is part human and part mermaid and her adventures. The stories are fun and will encourage a young girl’s love of reading, improve their vocabulary, and prevent boredom.


Interesting stories that hold a child’s attention

Helps improve a child’s reading skills


May be challenging for some 8 year olds

Tips for Choosing Great Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

  • Check out the products features. Some features like sound control may be essential to parents maintaining their sanity. Other features could make a certain toy difficult for specific children to use or enjoy
  • Think about assembly. If a toy needs to be assembled think about whether you have the skill to assemble the toy or will need to include assembly in the cost of the toy or gift.
  • As always consider the child’s interest.


Wrapping Up Our List of Toys for 8 Year Old Girls