12 Unique Toys & Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Girls

By the time your little girl reaches the age of 9 they are spending more time on their own and with friends and depending far less on their parents for entertainment. They still enjoy being physically active while also enjoying spending more time on their own than they did when they were younger. Children of this age also are beginning to take some interest in self learning. Purchasing toys and gifts for young ladies of this age can be a real joy since their interests are so varied.

We have carefully selected premium and highly rated toys and gifts for children of this age based on the varied interests of young girls age 9.

We choose toys for young girls this age based on set criteria. This criteria includes:

The first criteria we use when choosing high quality premium toys is the educational value of each toy. This includes the toys ability to aid the development of the child’s gross and fine motor skills, logical thinking, and problem solving and socialization skills.

We also consider the toy’s ability to encourage the child to take turns, read and follow directions and follow rules.

We also consider the entertainment value of the toy including the ability of the toy to hold the child’s attention, whether or not it will grow with the child and that all elusive “fun factor” that makes a toy appealing to a child.

This 486 piece K’Nex building set includes different sizes and shapes of rods, different connectors, gears and a battery powered motor (that takes 2AA batteries). Directions for this building kit allows for the child to build swing ride, boom ride, and Ferris wheel. They can also use their imagination to build other projects as well.

This building set makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for any young girl who enjoys building. This toy will teach them some beginning and basic engineering as well as problem solving skills.


Diagram directions are easy to follow

Good materials


Some of the pieces are really tiny and easy to lose

If you are looking for a great birthday gift or Christmas present for a young girl who enjoys outdoor sports this faux bow and arrow set for kids can make a great gift. Archery makes for a great hobby and this bow and arrow will provide plenty of fun knocking down stacks of tin cans, plastic bottles and other lightweight targets.

Parents will need to teach the child safety since the arrows from this bow could hurt if shot at a person.


Shoots a good distance

Easy to use


Some of the bows and arrows seem to break easily

Many young girls love working puzzles and this 3D globe puzzle makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for any young girl. Not only will the child get the joy of assembling this 180 piece puzzle but working the puzzle will allow them to learn about the continents, different countries in each continent, as well as some of the wildlife for each continent. Once completed the globe can be set on the included rotation stand and used as reference for the child’s geographic classes or their own interest.


The pieces click and stay in place

Animal graphics add a great detail


Some of the puzzles have missing pieces

If you have a young lady on your shopping list that has a spring or summer birthday then this Delta kite will make a great gift. This twin tail kite is easy to fly and has easy to follow assembly instructions and will fly even in a slight breeze. This kite will help the child develop their gross motor skills and aid in giving them the opportunity for healthy exercise.

This kite can be used at the beach in a field or in a large backyard that is clear of trees and phone and electric lines.



Flies well even in a light breeze


Some of the kites seem to be unbalanced

Why not give a Christmas gift or birthday present to that 9 year old young lady on your shopping list that will allow them to make a quilt they can actually use. There is no sewing required as the child simply ties the squares of the quilt together.

This quilt will help to build fine motor skills and increase the child’s self-esteem as they complete a project that is actually something they can use or give as a gift.


Fleece is very soft

Child can take their time with this project


Not everything is perfectly cut for easy tying

Young girls like to be active and these inline skates will make a great Christmas or birthday gift idea for any young girl. These roller blades come in blue or pink with light up wheels. These skates are expandable so they will grow with your child lasting them at least a couple of years of fun skating.

We do recommend that you also give your little girl safety gear to wear when skating to help keep her safe and reduce the risk of harm.


Skates seem to be durable

Smooth ride


Some skates seem to break within a couple of months

This friendship bracelet making kit is an ideal gift for a young girl’s birthday or Christmas. This kit comes with a spinning loom that has a drawer and 18 skeins of embroidery thread in a variety of different colors. The child can create one of a kind bracelets to wear or to give away as gifts. This bracelet making kit will help a child improve their fine motor skills, allow them to practice following directions and aid in encouraging their creativity.


Easy to use

Allows child to make their own jewelry


Instructions are difficult for some people to follow

This is a great beginner drone that can be launched and flown without a remote. The drone is operated by using only your hands. It has flashing LED lights and makes a great gift for young girls. The drone does charge in just 45 minutes.


Easy to control

The blades are encases for safety


Trouble charging some of the drones

Ring Stix is a fun ring toss game that makes for a great gift for young girls for their birthday or Christmas. You actually use stix to launch and catch the rings. The game comes with 4 sticks, a red rink, a glow in the dark ring, and 4 pro grips.

The game can be played by one person or two people and can be played by various ages.


Easy to throw the rings

Can be made more challenging


Can be difficult to use in wind

If you are looking for a Christmas gift or birthday present for a young girl who likes to be creative this weaving loom makes a great gift. This loom comes with the loom, an oversized needle, and 91 yards of rainbow yarn as well as craft materials. There are 4 craft projects that your child can choose from to choose colorful animal projects to hang on the walls.

This loom will aid the child in developing their fine motor skills and encourage their creativity.


Easy to use

Child can really become creative


Not enough spacing between the dowel and and the frame

Some 9 year old girls simply have more toys than they actually need. If this happens to be the case with a young girl on your shopping list then here are some alternate gifts they will be thrilled to receive.

This bedding set comes with one duvet cover and one pillowcase and makes for a great Christmas present for any young girl who likes spending time in her room. This bedding set features constellations and can be washed in cold water and tumble dried on low.


Good design

Nice and soft


Some people feel the constellations are printed upside down

Giving a young girl a great set of books to fire her imagination and teach her a little history at the same time will make a wonderful Christmas or birthday present. These Little House Books have been beloved by generations of children and continue to be a favorite today.

These books will supply a child with a bit of historical background and help them improve their reading skills.


Captures a child imagination and teaches them what the lives of children living in another time was like

A great way to while away a rainy or snowy day


Some of the books had missing pages

  • Consider the young girls interest and try to find gifts that encourage that interest.
  • Read the reviews. Some gifts seem perfect, but after reading the reviews you discover that the gift may have features that will make the toy or gift inappropriate for a child of a given age.
  • Consider choosing a toy or gift that may stimulate a new interest in the child.


Our list of toys and gifts for 9 year old girls were chosen with the child’s growing curiosity and interests in mind. We have tried to include a little something for everyone regardless of their interests.

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