Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

Coming across amazing gifts for your daughter who is turning 8 can be a long process as there are so many different choices available. Do you go with toys, books, purses, or games? Christmas can be especially stressful as there is so much pressure on parents to get something their children will love and this is especially true if you have multiple children your buying for.

So in order to help and make the holidays enjoyable instead of complicated and stressful have a look at our guide below. You can feel at ease and expect to save time after taking a quick look through it. We’ve included only the top stuff for 8 year old girls in a much shorter list than many other review sites, so you can be confident in knowing that you’re sorting through only the best of the best. This means that you should be able to have an easier time finding the right type of present that’s best for your daughter.

What to Get an Eight Year Old Girl for Her Birthday?

When it comes to birthdays, it could be a great idea to choose a toy that has a more personable value to it. Something like a piece of jewelry that’s related to their 8th birthday is a popular present for girls, meaning the bracelet we’ve included is a choice she will enjoy. But really anything is our guide below is great for girls who are turning 8.

What to Get an 8 Yr Old Girl for Christmas?

At Christmas time, the family is together and having a merry time for the day. Therefore, you may want to consider gifts such a Lego set or a game, making the Maze Logic board game a great choice. This is because it enables family members to play with your daughter and have more bonding time over the holidays. The science and animal book include below is a great option for the holiday season since your daughter will be cooped up inside until spring.


The Best Toys for 8 Year Old Girls

1. Awesome Facts Book for Kids

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Girls can learn about a lot of different topics while reading this book. It has been filled with 5,000 facts for them to read through. Kids can stay occupied being engaged in this book for a long time.

The facts included in the book make it very educational while the bright design and 2-page layout also makes it an exciting read for children.

2. Waterproof High Def Camera

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With a waterproof case available with this camo camera, girls are able to take it underwater to take amazing pictures and videos while swimming. The images and videos come out looking fantastic due to how the camera has a CMOS image sensor that allows for 1080p quality.

The battery that’s included can be recharged and it enables girls to take pictures and videos in the water for up for 1.5 hours. A microSD card input is available to let kids record footage that’s up to 32GB of memory.

It also come in light pink if your daughter prefers a more ‘girlie color’ but choose wisely since despite popular perception, manually little girls actually prefer green!

3. VTech Smartwatch

This smartwatch is a great toy for an 8 years old girl. It is avialiable in a blue, pink or purple color that girls would love wearing. However don’t be fooled into thinking the purple or pink are for the girls and blue is for the boys since the majority of girls enjoy blue just as much as boys do! It includes 5 games and 3 activities for your child to play with and be entertained by. There’s also a camera available with the watch.

Girls are able to take pictures and videos to keep them stored on the watch. They’re also able to edit these images and videos to get creative. There are also useful features available, such as a stopwatch, alarm, and timer.

4. Charm Bracelet for 8th Birthdays

If you wanted a more personalized present for your girl’s birthday, this charm bracelet could be what you’ve been looking for. The bangle has been made with a stainless steel design an it comes with a range of charms.

These charms are specifically related to turning 8, which could make your daughter feel very special on her big day. You’re able to expand the bangle to make sure it fits your child’s wrist properly.

5. Crossbody Bag & Purse Set

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Girls age 8 could put the crossbody bag and purse to good use when it comes to going out with friends. The bag can be used to hold your child’s everyday items, such as books, iPads, stationary, and more.

Whereas the purse is more useful for keeping their money and smaller items safe. We liked how the set is available in a number of different color options.

6. Critical Thinking Marble Game

ThinkFun’s marble game features 60 challenges that include levels ranging from easy to difficult. Therefore, girls are able to stay on their toes and always keep themselves cognitively engaged with the game.

It’s a wonderful way to improve their critical thinking skills. The game is fun to play in small groups with friends and family. In addition to the challenges, there’s a game grid, target piece, 9 towers, and 3 marbles.

7. Window Art Kit

Girls who love to be creative could love using this kit to make their own art projects. The set comes with all of the supplies that girls need to make more than 20 window art designs.
The suction cups that are included work well to keep your daughter’s design stuck securely to the window. Girls love how their designs illuminate when the sun hits them.

Wrapping up the Best 8 Year Old Girl Gifts

So that’s our guide to the best gift options for your middle school girl. Intentionally, we haven’t gone overboard with tons of options, We do hope that this is a good starting point, inspiring you with ideas about the types your little one may enjoy without causing information overloaded. Each gift selected above comes with impeccable ratings and is love by nearly all girls!