10 Fun & Useful Gift Ideas for 15 Year Old Girls

Most 15 year old girls are concerned with their school work, their friends, and exploring their growing independence. They can also be moody and jump from liking one activity one day to liking another activity the next. This can make gift shopping for girls of this age feel like a hit or miss proposition.

To help you take some of the guesswork out of shopping for young ladies of this age we have compiled a list of premium gifts that 15 year old girls will love.

Gifts that are designed to amuse or provide the teen with recreational opportunities are evaluated for their entertainment value. We look at how often the teen is likely to use the gift for their own amusement and the pleasure they will derive from the gift.

For other gifts we consider the usefulness of the gift. Is the gift something that will make the teens like simpler or more convenient? Is it something that will meet a basic need or help them accomplish a goal? It is durable and likely to last them a lengthy period of time?

Most teenage girls enjoy jewelry that is more adult than they previously enjoyed. This beautiful birthstone pendant necklace will make a wonderful gift for any 15 year old girl on your shopping list and the fact that it bears their name makes this gift all the more personal.


Very feminine

Engraving is beautiful


Smaller than it appears

Any young woman who likes to read and is romantic will enjoy these 7 books by Jane Austen. These books are not just about romance and marriage they are also a look into history and the role women played.


Book is made to look vintage which adds to the sets appeal

Stories worth reading


Stickers on the back of the book is annoying

A unique and interesting Christmas or birthday gift for young ladies is this 3D City in the Sky music box puzzle. Teens can be proud of building their music box and when it is completed it makes a lovely room décor. Turning the handle and the puzzle will play “Castles in the Sky.”


Kit includes everything needed to complete the project

Good directions


Need to be careful gluing

Teenage girls love clothes so what could make a better gift than giving them a warm and trendy sweater that they can wear with jeans, a skirt or even a dress. This sweater comes in a host of sizes and a number of different colors. Warm and cozy most teen girls will love this sweater.


Made with handy pockets

Super soft sweater


Some users feel that this sweater has an unpleasant scent

Teenage girls like to stay active and these adjustable inline skates are a fun way for girls to get exercise while enjoying spending time outdoors. The light up wheels makes doing tricks on these skates even more fun.



Adjusts easily


Poor ankle support and hardware becomes loose

If you know a teenage girl who loves sneakers and fashion boots, these knee high flat sneaker boots will make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for the stylish 15 year old girl. Both fun and funky these shoes will go with a variety of casual outfits and will quite possibly become the teens favorite footwear. The cool think about these boots is they come in many different colors to suit any girls taste!


Vivid Colors

Sure to receive compliments


Zippers tend to break

This Pandemic the board makes for a great Christmas or birthday present for any teenager. With most young ladies being affected by the current pandemic this cooperative game will allow them to work together as a team.



This game really focus on teamwork and communication


A few of the games seem to be missing parts

If the 15 year old on your shopping list is someone who really thinks a lot about their room décor then this Moon Light Lamp will make a wonderful gift. This light will cast a soft light in the teen’s room while she is listening to music or simply daydreaming and adds an attractive touch to the room’s décor.


Elegant looking

Two color light options


Charging cord seems weak

Teens of this age enjoy wearing makeup, and this set of 4 lip glosses is sure to become a favorite gift of most teens. Since the lipgloss contains Vitamin E and Avocado oil it will help the teen to maintain healthy lips as well.


Several nice colors

Non sticky


None we could find

This curling iron makes a great gift for any teen who wants beachy style curls. Even heating helps to prevent damage to the teens hair. This curling iron will make a great birthday gift for a teens 15th year.


Heats up quickly

Hair slips out easily


Some units quit working after a few months of use

There are times when a teenage girl may simply have too much stuff and won’t really appreciate any more stuff being added to what they already have. If you find yourself wanting to purchase a gift for a teen girl in that situation then here are some alternative gift ideas that the teen will appreciate.

If the teenage girl is into a particular band, or sports team or enjoys theater then a good gift for them will be buying a ticket to a concert, game or play. In fact you may want to purchase a couple of tickets so that teens can share the event with a friend or family member.

Gift cards to the teens favorite clothing or book store, or favorite eatery can also make a good gift allowing them to get something they want at a time when they really want it.

  • Listen when the teens talks to you about activities they enjoy doing or new activities they would like to try. This can give you some great gift ideas you know the teen will like.
  • When buying clothing for a teenage girl make sure that you understand their taste or stick to a specific item that they have mention they wanted.
  • Always look for high quality and highly rated items to ensure that the item is the best quality you can afford.


We hope that this list of great gifts for fifteen yr old girls will help you find the right 15th birthday or Christmas gift for the girl in your life whether she’s a best friend, daughter, girlfriend or grandaughter.