12 Lovely Gift Ideas for 20 Year Old Girls

By the time a young lady reaches the age of 20 she is normally either working a job or going to college. Many women this age are living in a dorm or out on their own making purchasing gifts for young ladies this age a bit more difficult than buying gifts for teenagers still living at home. To help you find the right gift for the young woman in your life we have come up with a list of the best gifts for girls of this age.

  1. Pay attention to what those on your shopping list are interested in including sports, hobbies, studies, whatever. Chances are whatever their interest there are gifts you can buy that will encourage or enhance that interest.
  2. Don’t ignore those hints. By the time most girls reach their teenage years they are pretty good at giving not so subtle hints about gifts that they would really like. By paying attention to those hints you are sure to get something the girl really wants.
  3. If all else fails ask for suggestions. While being able to give a gift that is a complete surprise is fun and preferable for many people, sometimes, going straight to the source and getting a list of things the young lady would like and then choosing from that list is sometimes the best way to go.

When choosing gifts for young women we use two criteria for choosing each gift. These criteria are:

The first criteria we look at is the educational value of each gift and its ability to aid the girl in either learning a new skill or improving a skill they already possess. Educational gifts can include tools that can be used to help develop a skill. We also look to see if the gift can aid the young woman in improving their physical, cognitive, emotional or social skills.

We also consider the entertainment value of each gift. We determine whether or not a gift may help the user to relax, enjoy some laughter or make some area of their life more convenient.

Based on these two criteria here are the gifts we feel that women this age will love and appreciate.

This desk allows girls to study or surf the net from the comfort of their bed or sofa. This desk is the right size to hold a 15.6 inch laptop as well as most tablets. It also has a slot to keep the cell phone and a built-in mouse pad. The bolster cushion allows for proper ventilation.


Allows those who spend a lot of time on the computer to sit in a chair, the sofa or work from bed

Keeps everything (computer, mouse, phone) close at hand


The laptop bumper is too small to stop some computers from sliding

Most young ladies living on their own for the first time normally live on a limited budget and can’t afford the name brand purses or clothing they really like, which is why this leather cross body bag will make a great birthday or Christmas present for the young woman in your life. This purse has a middle zipper and a front and back open pocket, a logo on top, and 22 to 24 inch drop strap with gold hardware.


Nice durable bag that looks classy

Very well made


Some users feel that got a fake Michael Kors bag

This bracelet makes a great gift for any young woman. Made from Swarovski Aurora Borealis crystals. The bracelet is made using 3 types of beads, cube, briolette, and Xilion beads The bracelet has a 18 inch inner circumference with a 7 inch extender.


The cut of the crystals are brilliantly reflective

Amazing colors


Bracelet seems to short for an adult woman’s wrist

Whether traveling back and forth from college, spending weekends with friends, or traveling during vacations, a good set of luggage is something that most young women need and want. This luggage set has a polk-a-dot design and comes with a carry on upright, a 28-inch upright, and a duffel bag. All 3 pieces of luggage have telescoping handles, are fully lined and have roller wheels.


Cute luggage and between the 3 pieces this luggage should work for any occasion

Holds up pretty well


Some people do not find this suitcase as durable as they would like

This ring toss game is perfect for dorms, apartments or the back yard. This game comes in 3 different sizes so you will need to choose the size you want. It also comes with 6 red and 6 black rings. It’s a fun game to play alone or with friends and is a safe alternative to darts.


Fun game that can be played different ways and requires math skills

Simple and fun game


Some games came with hooks or rings missing

This jewelry box is made from faux leather and medium density fiberboard. The jewelry box has a top section, 2 drawers, and 2 side doors perfect for necklaces. This jewelry case has spaces for necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. There is also a mini travel case that is perfect for traveling.


This jewelry box is nice sized

This box has plenty of spaces and the hangers for the necklace will keep your necklaces from tangling


Not the best quality

The Trivial Pursuit game is a familly classic that allows you to use all those useless trivia facts you remember. The game consists of a game board, 400 cards with 2,400 questions, 1 die, 6 wedge holders and 36 wedges. Can be played by 2 to 6 players.


Covers questions for about 6 generations

This new classic trivial pursuit game has updated questions


Some people don’t like the newer questions

Young people today live a life filled with stress and one of the best ways to relax is to take a nice warm bath with some sweet smelling bubble bath or bath salt. Giving any young woman on your shopping list a gift basket so they can enjoy several relaxing baths at home. This wonderful Spa Basket includes shower gel, bubble bath, body scrub, body lotion and bath salt along with a bath puff.


All of the products in this basket are nice size

Great scent


Some people had an allergic reaction to some of the products in this basket

If that young woman you are shopping for has moved or is planning on moving out on her own for the first time then a set of pots and pans will make a great gift. This pots and pans set comes in your choice of several colors and includes 1 and 3 quart sauce pan with clear lids, a 6 quart stockpot with lid, a 3 quart saute pan with lid and an 8.5 and 10 inch frying pan. This pot and pan set is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


Very functional

Easy to clean

Will last a long time if you don’t use metal utensils when cooking


Some users had problems with the outer coating fading, staining or peeling

A nice soft cuddly robe is perfect for any girl in her 20s who is living in a dorm or sharing an apartment with other people. This robe comes in a variety of different colors and prints and at least some of them have hoods. This robe is perfect for after a shower or when watching television late at night.


Nice long soft robe perfect for cuddling

Nice thick material


Some of these robes came with small holes in them (poor quality control)

There are some kids who have everything that they could want or need and still others who simply don’t have a desire to have a lot of things. If that is the case with the 20 year old woman in your life we have some alternate suggestions that just may give you some great ideas of your own.

If that young person is living out on their own on a limited budget, trying to work or going to school then they are probably not eating the best or healthiest food. For those of you who love cooking, what could make a better gift than making up some frozen meals that they can just thaw and heat or some quality baked goods. Home cooked meals can make the best gifts especially during the holidays.

Most young women out on their own for the first time, don’t have the money to spend on extras like ski weekends, ziplining, attending a concert or a play so giving a gift of an experience like these is something that any woman age 20 will remember for years to come. Just make sure that you include tickets or a gift certificate that will allow the young lady to share the experience with a person of their choice.

So that is our list of the great gift ideas for the young women you’re trying to find a gift for. We truly hope that we have helped save you time in your gift shopping whether for Christmas or a birthday!