Rewards MyPet Bravecto Rebate Review

Does your skin begin to itch at the very mention of the words flea or tick? If so, then you’re not alone, and imagine how your pet must feel having to carry them around on their flesh?

Not only is the thought of vermin disgusting, but it’s a painful yet common condition that most domestic pets have to face at one point. This means that you, their pet parent need to stay up to date on the latest methods for curing your pet of their infestations. But in today’s busy world, you probably have a million other things to do besides administer complicated vermin treatments, right?

That’s why Bravecto was created. It’s administered at either a single-dose chewable, or a single-application drop between the animal’s shoulder blades. The treatment is FDA -approved, and it’s highly recommended by veterinarians.

If you’re interested in purchasing the treatment, or if you’re already a fan of this product, then scroll down to learn how you can save money when you buy it.

Apply for a Bravecto rebate through the My Pet Rewards Program!

Manufactures want to reward pet consumers like you for purchasing their products, especially tick and flea treatments that you’ll need to have on hand for the rest of your pet’s life. Think of all of the money you’re going to invest over the next 12-20 human years to keep your pet happy and healthy!

This is why you should check out what’s available so you can claim your rebate through Who doesn’t need to save money, especially on products that keep your beloved pets healthy and anguish-free from vermin?

Is Bravecto appropriate for puppies or kittens?

The Bravecto fleas and tick control medication is a great way to protect dogs and cats who are older than 6 months and who weight over 4.4 pounds. This means that this isn’t a product that’s been shown to be affective or appropriate for puppies or kittens who fall below these FDA guidelines.

If your pet meets or is above the FDA guidelines, then feel free to take advantage of this set-it-and-forget it vermin treatment for your pet. In fact, the Merk pharmaceutical company wants to make things even easier for you by offering you a variety of ways to save money with bravecto coupons.

These pet coupons work a little differently. These are actually upfront rebates that you can claim by satisfying the purchase requirements. All you’ll need to do is to go the appropriate url (, scroll through, and follow the directions.

You’ll see what the current offers are, along with the directions you’ll need to follow. Note that on the Bravecto site, there might be specific directives depending upon whether your pet is a dog or a cat. In other words, the specific product you’ll purchase will depend upon whether you own a dog, a cat, or both.

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A special note about Lone Star Ticks

Texas is known as the Lone Star State, but a special breed of tick, the Lone Star Tick, is actually commonly found along the northeaster region of the U.S., despite its name. It’s an aggressive breed of tick that likes to bite humans.

The female species has a white dot on her back, making this the reason for the namesake. The Lone Star tick is also said to not be the carrier of Lyme disease, but no one wants this infestation, just the same.

While Bravecto is said to work up to 12 weeks to kill most other breeds of ticks, it only works up to 8 weeks on the Lone Star variety of ticks. This is true for both dogs and cats.

Get questions answered while claiming your Bravecto rebate


While you certainly want to find ways to save money on your pet’s tick and flea treatment, you might also have questions about the efficacy of the product, along with treatment mode options. You can find these when you go to the FAQ section.

Before you get to the offers section of this page, there’s an abundance of answers to the most commonly-asked questions for the care and administration of the product for your cat or your dog. Note that there are separate sections for cat and dog treatment and care.

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