Fun & Unique Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Boys

Most 19 year old young men have graduated high school and are either working or attending college. When buying gifts for 19 year old boys you want to choose gifts that these young men either want or need.

Here is our opinion on thebest gifts for 19 year olds.

In a Rush? See Our Top 3 Picks Just Below

Top Pick: Phillips Norelco Hair Trimmer

Runner Up: Quality Dart Board

2nd Runner Up: Quality Coffee Maker

Criteria for Choosing Gifts for 19 Year Olds

When choosing gifts for 19 year olds we base our decision on two main criteria.

Educational Value

You are never too old to learn new things so we look at the educational value of different gifts that we choose. We look at whether or not a certain product or gift can help develop new skills or improve skills that the gentleman already possesses.

Entertainment Value/Usefulness

We also look at the entertainment value or usefulness of a gift. Will the gift help the receiver to relax, have a laugh or enjoy time with friends? Or is the gift something that the teen will want to use over and over again and make their life easier and more convenient?

All of our gifts we choose fall into one or both of these categories, so let’s take a look at the gifts we feel most 19 year old men will like.

The Best Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Guys List

1. Puma Men’s Essential Hoodie

This Puma hoodie comes in sizes small to XX large and in a few different styles. It has a large Puma logo on the front of the sweatshirt. This fleece sweatshirt is made from a cotton and polyester blend, has a hood with a drawstring and a kangaroo pocket. This hoodie is a full over and will keep the teen warm and toasty.


Good quality sweatshirt



The letters peeled off some sweatshirts

2. Men’s Sterling Silver 2.5mm Link Chain

This Sterling silver chain is made of 925 sterling silver with a lobster clasp closure. This chain is hypoallergenic and lead and nickel free and is crafted in Italy. The chain comes in a velvet pouch to protect the chain from scratches and damages. It also comes in a variety of sizes (the longer chain the more it costs). This chain makes a great gift for any teen who likes wearing masculine jewelry.


Chain has a nice masculine look

Chain looks really great and doesn’t pinch

Works on people with sensitive skin


Some users feel that this chain tarnishes quickly

3. Philips Norelco Multi-Grooming series

This Phillips hair trimmer makes a great present for an older teen and has all the necessary accessories to neatly shave and trim the young man’s hair, face and body. This grooming kit has 23 pieces and self sharpening blades that should last up to 5 years. The battery is a lithium ion battery that is fully rechargeable. This trimmer will last up to 5 hours on a single charge.


Sharp blades leads to a comfortable shave/trim

Comfortable to hold when shaving


Some people find that all the accessories are too confusing making shaving a chore.

4. 3 Swords Germany Manicure/Pedicure Set

This manicure kit includes both nail and cuticle scissors, finger and toe nail clippers, glass and sapphire nail files, tweezers and a nail pusher cleaner. This set comes in a blue denim looking case to keep them neatly all together. This is a perfect set to allow young men to take care of their own finger and toe nails.


Set feels durable and well made

Everything in the kit is very functional and will last a long time


Some customers find that pieces of this set begin to rust after a few months

5. Viper Dart Board

This handsome dart board cabinet with an 18 inch dart board, steel tipped darts, dry erase scoreboard, marker and mounting hardware. The dart board has a movable number ring, display light and a toe line marker. There is a staple free inner bullseye.


This is a nice dart board with score cards on the size

The cabinet that comes with dart board is very nice


Some users did not get everything that they were promised

6. Toiletry Bag for men

This toiletry bag is made of water resistant PU leather. The bag has a spacious main compartment with elastic straps and multiple interior pockets giving you plenty of spaces to hold your various grooming supplies. The bag has a double zipper design and is ideal for those young men living in a dorm, sharing an apartment or for traveling.


This bag is spacious and easy to organize your products

Holds full size bottles instead of just those small travel size ones


The bag is smaller than some people imagine

7. Quoridor Board Game

This abstract strategy game is a great game to play with family or roommates. The game is fast and has simple rules. The object of the game is to reach your opponent’s side of the board by moving your pawn or setting up walls .


This game is quick and takes a lot of strategy so you won’t get bored

This game is really challenging


Some of the boxes came damaged

8. Jazzminton Deluxe

This is a fun paddle game that comes with a variety of birdies and balls. There are slow birdies, a fast birdie, LED glow in the dark birdies, a wind birdie and 2 different weights of balls. The paddles are 7 layers of plywood with foam grip handles. Get this for your 19 year old son this Christmas!


Can play this game anywhere indoors or out as well as in or out of a pool

With the various birdies and balls there are different play options

Fun way to get aerobic exercise


Birdies lose their feathers pretty quickly

9. Men’s Charged Assert 8 Shoes

These UnderArmour shoes come in a variety of sizes and colors. They have a mesh upper with leather overlays and a synthetic sole. These shoes are step in comfort with a cushioned midsole and solid rubber outsole.


Extremely comfortable

Stylish looking

Good price


Not the best foot support

10. Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Getting that teen who is out on their own for the first time a coffee maker as a Christmas or birthday gift allows them to not only make coffee, but to heat water for oatmeal packets, cups of soup, hot cocoa mixes and more. This coffee maker use up to 5 cups of water, has an on/off indicator, auto pause if you want to grab a cup of coffee before all the coffee is made, a dual water window, a removable filter basket and a resuable nylon filter.


Coffee pot is sturdy

Nice size for one or two people

Resuable Nylon filter


Some people have difficulty getting these coffee makers to function properly

What Stuff Can You Get for a 19 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

Some teens are lucky enough to have everything they could want or need before their birthday or Christmas, which makes giving them a gift difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible. If you are faced with just such a situation then here are some alternate gift ideas for the teen who seems to have everything.

1. Give an Experience

Teens are eager to embrace life so giving them a gift of an experience will make their birthday or Christmas. An experience can be as simple as tickets to their favorite concert or game played by their sports team or something unique like a day of skiing.

2. Gift Certificates are a Good Option

Teens like choosing their own clothes, electronics and entertainment so giving them a gift certificate to their favorite store, movie theater or restaurant also makes for a great gift.

Tips for Finding the Best Gifts for 19 Year Old Boys

  1. What is his current situation? When looking for the best gifts for the older teen in your life you need to consider what the young man is doing with his life. Is he in college? Is he working his first full time job? Where is he living? All of these things will result in some ideas for a great gift for the teen.
  2. Take the time to learn what they are interested in. By this age most teens have some interest that they are fairly passionate about. By talking to them and discovering those interests you will be able to come up with a lot of gift ideas that will be perfect for them.
  3. Ask the Teen’s Friends. Teens often confide things to friends they don’t to parents or other adults. If you have the opportunity try asking some of this friends if he has mentioned some gift that he really wants.

Wrapping Up Our List of Gifts for 19 Year Old Guys

It is our hope that these gift suggestions and tips will help you to choose the perfect gift for the young man in your life.