12 Unique Gift Ideas & Toys for Toddler Boys

Toddler boys show a real excitement in exploring the world around them, which is what makes giving toddler boys new toys so much fun. Best of all toddlers will find ways to play with the toys they are given in ways that us adults would never imagine.

We have put together this list of some of the best premium toys for toddlers boys that will provide them the opportunity to explore their world in a safe and fun manner.

When evaluating whether or not a toy made our best gift list for toddler boys we use two very important criteria. This criteria includes:

As most parents know young children learn through play so we look at the educational value of each toy we place on the list. We look at the toy’s ability to aid a child in their physical, cognitive, emotional and social growth.

We also look at the entertainment value that each toy offers. Is the toy something that a child can use in a number of different ways? Will it grow with the child and will it be a toy they will reach for frequently? Of course we also look for the somewhat mysterious fun factor.

A great birthday or Christmas gift for toddlers this Lego Duplo block set helps toddlers develop fine motor skills, spatial skills, and basic engineering concepts. It will also help children develop sorting skills and color and number identification.


Encourages creativity

Safe for younger targets


Painful if stepped on in your bare feet

This race track toy comes with ramps that flip when the cars hit them makes for a great gift as it creates excitement for your toddler as they watch the cars drop and run down each ramp. With 6 mini cars your toddler can play with siblings and friends helping them learn sharing and improving their communication skills. This race track works best for children ages 2–5


Helps kids learn cause and effect

Little wooden cars are built to last


Cars are small and could pose a choking hazard for kids who are still putting things in their mouth

This tree top activity center will provide your child with an opportunity to explore a variety of things with springing doors, dials to spin and turn, objects to glide, bead runs and so much more. Best of all children will be developing fine motor skills and learn how things work while they play. Best suited for children 2 to 5 years.


Not a noisy toy, but still grabs child’s attention

Lots of different activities


Tips over quite easily

A Radio Flyer tricycle is an exciting gift for a toddler to find under the Christmas tree. This trike will not only help your child develop gross motor skills and help them to learn balance, but will give them a sense of independence. Best suited for a child 1 ½ to 3 years.


Small storage space child can fill up with toys

No assembly required


Smaller than expected

This set of 5 dinosaurs will make a cool gift for your little toddler with their large size being perfect for those adventures back in time. These dinosaurs will go great with a book on dinosaurs so that your child can learn a little about each type of dinosaur and develop an interest in science. These are great for boys ages 2 through 5 or 6 years of age.


Made from a rubbery material that is easy for toddlers to handle

Realistic looking


Some of the dinosaurs don’t want to stand up

This Step 2 Sand and Water Table is a great gift to give a toddler so they can enjoy playing outside during the summer months. This cool toy will help a toddler develop coordination, gross motor skills and imaginative play. Plus playing with others using this table will help improve a child’s communication skills.


Easy to assemble

Helps create an interest in natural science


Difficulty with the water slide being able to assembled correctly

This wooden puzzle set would make for a super birthday or Christmas gift. This set of 6 wooden puzzles will help your child develop fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. They will also introduce you to various types of fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, bugs, and modes of transportation.


Smooth edges

Cut out holes for little fingers


May find some pieces have splinters

If you are looking for a great gift for a young toddler boy then this “Nick” boy doll will make a great toy, playmate and companion for that little one. This soft bodied boy doll comes with removable clothing and is perfect for cuddling, and imaginative play. Perfect for children 18 months and up.


Helps children develop nurturing skills

Soft enough for child to sleep with


Smaller than some consumers imagined

People of all ages have a love affair with trains, so what could make a better gift for a young toddler than a train set designed just for children of their age. This colorful train set is perfect for small hands and the wooden train and track is simple for toddlers to manipulate.


Grows with child compatible with other Brio train sets

Strong magnets


Not the quality some people expected

This school bus toy makes for a great gift for toddler boys who enjoy engaging in imaginative play. This bus can be pushed by the toddler or pulled using the handle that stores under the bus. The bus comes with a figure and has room to 8 more (which you can buy separately).


Introduces toddlers to children of different races and even a child in a wheelchair

Bus has music and voices to make for more fun play


Bus may be too large for some people

Let’s face it many toddlers tend to be spoiled with toys until their toy boxes and bedrooms are overflowing. If you know a toddler who has too many toys here are some alternative gifts that you can give that their family may appreciate.

Toddlers outgrow their clothing quickly so a new overall outfit in a size slightly larger than their current size will be a much appreciated gift. This bib overall and shirt set will be a favorite of parents and most toddlers.

That toddler will have a lot of needs in the future so why not start a savings account for them while they are young. That way friends and relatives can add to the account over the years so the child has a nice little nest egg once they are ready to leave home.

  • If purchasing for a toddler not your own check with the parent to see if they consider a gift to be appropriate since some parents don’t like noisy toys and others may have objections to other types of toys.
  • Choose gender neutral toys whenever possible so the toddler can be allowed to find their own interests. For other ideas that are suitable for your boy you can check out this list of great toddler girl toys!
  • Go for toys that have bright primary colors as these tend to appeal to toddlers.
  • Consider whether the toddler could benefit more from an inside or outside toy.


Toddlers are such fun to give gifts too, and we hope that our list of gifts will help you to give the toddler in your life a gift they will really love.