13 Cool Toys & Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys

That young man in your life has finally become a teenager by the age of 13. As a teenager he is no longer a child, but still is a long way from becoming an adult.

Choosing gifts for boys this age can often feel a bit overwhelming since many parents, grandparents, and other relatives feel uncertain of what types of toys and gifts are appropriate and of interest to the 13 year old in their life. We have compiled a list of premium and highly rated gifts that most boys of this age will be thrilled to own.

As a wise consumer you are going to want to know what criteria we use when choosing gifts for boys of this age. We use two simple criteria for our evaluations. These criteria are:

Our first criteria is that we look at the educational value of the item. This includes the toy’s ability to aid the child’s physical development Including fine and gross motor skills and improving balance. Development of cognitive skills, problem solving and critical thinking or to aid in the development of social and emotional growth.

We also look at the entertainment value of the toy including its durability, ability to hold the child’s attention and whether or not the child finds the toy or game fun to play and will use it for again and again over the course of several months.

Most young men are interested in drones and this beginner drone with camera is an ideal gift for young teens. This Drone comes with 2 batteries that give you 8 to 10 minutes of flight time each, an autonomous Hover and positioning system to keep the drone in place. There is also a 720p live video camera that also takes still photos.


Recreational camera is good quality

Comes with spare parts


Return to home is not the best

What 13 year old doesn’t enjoy laying around at home, at the beach or when camping with friends and this inflatable lounger is the ideal portable sofa for a young man to take on the go. This lounger is easy to inflate and stays inflated for 5 or 6 hours. It has a stake so that you can anchor the lounger at the beach, a net pocket for holding items and even a bottle opener.


Quite comfortable

Very portable


Doesn’t hold air for as long as other models

Too young for a car an electric scooter makes a great mode of transportation and a wonderful Christmas gift for a 13 year old boy. This scooter has an all-steel frame, 8 inch pneumatic tires, and a 24volt battery and charger.


well made

Great to ride for fun


Heavy and quite loud

If the young man in your life has an interest in science then this Snap Circuit Light kit will make an ideal birthday or Christmas present. This kit has over 175 projects and 55 color coded circuit components and a colored instruction manual. This kit can provide a young teen hours of fun and interesting activity.


This is a good beginner kit for kids interested in science and electricity

Lots of activities


Some of the parts break easily

If your young teen is into basketball and wants to practice at home then this Portable basketball hope will make a perfect Christmas or birthday gift. The impact backboard is made of high density polyethylene, a 3 piece round pole and a base (that needs to be filled with sand or water.) The pole is adjustable and can grow with the child.



Not difficult to assemble


Some of these sets come with missing or dent pieces

The Sega Genesis Mini is a miniature version of the Original Sega from the 1990s. This mini console is loaded with 42 familiar games and is ready to just plug in and play. The system comes with the console, 2 controllers, 40 games plus 2 bonus games, power cable, USB adapter and HDMI cable.


Works well

Great games


Some units came missing the power cord

Spikeball is a 4 player game that is extremely popular among both kids and adults. This game is a 4 player game that comes with an adjustable net with foldable legs. The game comes with 3 balls and a carry bag. This is a fun game that will get that young teenage boy moving and make a great birthday or Christmas gift.


Can order glow in the dark balls to play at night

Great aerobic workout


Ball does not bounce well when it is hit close to the rim

If the young man in your life likes building models then this Lego Trafalgar Square model kit will make a great gift. This kit is 1197 pieces and includes the National Gallery with detailed interior, trees, lions, 2 fountains, lamp posts, buses and black cabs. This model is 4”X9”X7.”


Challenging and will keep builder engaged

Beautiful model when finished


Smaller than most people expected

Blue light blocking glasses make a great stocking stuffer or useful birthday gift for teens who spend a good deal of time on electronic devices. If that teen in your life spends a good deal of time playing video games or on social media and his Cell phone then why not give him a birthday gift that will save his eyesight and help him to get better sleep.


Comfortable and stylish



Some users can’t see where these glasses do much blocking of blue light

Games make a great gift for teens of all ages. This is a musical game where players hear a single word and then try to be the first person to sing or say at least 5 words from a song using that word. This game is sure to aid in the development of social skills and laughter.


Fun for all ages

Kids find playing this game with others their age ends in a lot of laughter


Some users wish the game came with a list of words rather than having to write their own.

If that young teen enjoys water sports then why not present them with a Christmas gift of a paddle board. This inflatable paddle board is a great way for a young man to get out and enjoy the water while getting some great exercise. It comes with a carry case, paddle, ankle cuff and carry bag.


Good quality

Fits back into the bag nicely


Some problems with leaking air

Some 13 year olds have all of the toys, sporting equipment and tech gadgets that they want and need, which can make the task of buying a gift for these young teens even more difficult. However, should you find yourself in such a situation then here are some suggestions of other gift ideas that you can give a teen boy of any age.

By providing the teen with a gift certificate to his favorite book, sporting goods or model store you will allow the young man to buy what he wants or needs as he needs it. Best of all he can combine the gift certificate with other gift certificates or money he receives and buy something that ordinarily he couldn’t afford.

Most young teens have a sense of adventure and are eager to try new things so you could provide them with a day of adventure such as a camping, fishing or hiking trip or a trip to a fun theme park where they could zipline or try rock wall climbing or some other exciting adventure. To make the adventure even more special you could make sure that the gift includes a friend for them to share the day with.

  • Listen when the child talks. Most young teens will be enthusiastic about hobbies or activities they enjoy or new things they would like to try. When you listen carefully to what they have to say about their favorite activities you will be able to gain clues to what might make an ideal gift for that individual.
  • Pay attention to those toys the child plays with the most or those products they use the best option. Many times there are gifts you can purchase that will go with items the child already has and uses.
  • Pay attention to the reviews. Pay particular attention to those reasons why the reviewer likes a product or finds it disappointing. This will help you decide whether or not the gift is worth the price and if the child is likely to enjoy it.


We have worked hard to find some of the best gifts for 13 year old boys and hope that this list helps make your birthday and Christmas shopping much easier and stress free.