12 Fun & Unique Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys

14 year old boys are normally in their first year of high school and have extremely busy social lives with their friends, sports and other activities that they enjoy.

Finding premium toys and gifts for boys this age can sometimes be a challenge, so we are presenting a list of highly rated gifts that most boys this age will love.

We use very simple criteria to evaluate the toys and gifts we chose for boys of this age.

We consider the educational value of each toy including the toy’s ability to aid in the physical, mental, emotional and social development of the child. We consider the ability of the toy to help the child develop their gross and fine motor skills, cognitive and problem solving skills, language skills, and ability to act socially responsible.

We also consider the entertainment value of the toy including its durability, ability to hold the child’s interest and that elusive fun factor.

This is a great Virtual Reality Headset that needs no phone, PC or wires. It provides you with great 3D graphics and surround sound when gaming, watching your favorite shows, sports or live concerts.


Good Speakers



Image quality is not the best

Young teenage boys seem to love games that hold a bit of danger and excitement making this Shocktato game the ideal Christmas or birthday gift for 14 year old boys. Boys this age get a thrill out of the risk of being shocked if they pass the potato fast enough.



3 settings are great for the more adventurous


Some difficulty getting the potato to turn on

This iconic part of US history, a Statue of Liberty Lego Architecture building kit has 1685 pieces and when built it stands 17 inches high. This makes a great birthday gift or Christmas present for any young man who enjoys building models.


Beautiful when completed

Well thought out design


Some people wish the statute had a face

If that 14 year old in your life is a reader then this set of Michael Scott books is sure to make a great gift. Given as a Christmas present or birthday gift this set of 6 books will give the young man many hours of pleasurable reading.


Historical history combined with fiction makes a great read

Nice set for young teens


Some came with covers in poor shape

A twist on the old game of catch Slingball Classic is a fun game that makes a great gift for teenage guys who enjoy spending time outdoors. Instead of throwing the ball there is a hook to launch the ball up to a 100 feet and a net to catch the ball.


Simple to play, but a great deal of fun

Seems to be a favorite at Christmas time when received as a gift


Some of the balls break easily

A great Christmas gift idea for helping that 14 year old boy have more fun during the winter months. This heavy duty sled offers precision steering and will hold weights up to 230 pounds.


Very durable

Can get replacement parts if the sled breaks


It is heavy for dragging uphill

If the young man on your shopping list has a personal computer or is into gaming, then this 360 degree swivel computer/gaming chair will make an ideal Christmas gift. This chair can even rock making using it to study or play games more fun.


Holds up well

Nice padding


The welds break in some of these chairs

This Drone can be set to follow a flight path or be set to follow you. It comes with 2 batteries for 26 minutes of flight time. Drones make a great Christmas gift or birthday present for any young teen wanting to get outside more.


Good Camera

Flies well


Pretty complicated to get to fly

Games always make great Christmas or even birthday presents for Children of any age and 14 year old boys are no different. This Blokus strategy game is a great board game for a teen to play with family or with friends.


Encourages critical thinking

Great for all ages


Not the best quality

What teen doesn’t want a tablet computer to watch videos and surf the web. This Fire 7 Tablet comes with a 7 inch IPS display and your choice of a 16 or 32 GB. It also provides HD video recording up and you get up to 7 hours of use on a single charge. Since this tablet won’t be available until September of this year (2020) This tablet will make a great Christmas gift or a late fall or winter birthday present.


Nice size and weight

Blue shade helps reduce blue light


Some difficulty holding internet connection

By the age of 14 most boys don’t use the traditional toys, so they may have more toys than they actually need. Here are a couple of alternative gifts to toys that boys this age will enjoy.

A sleeping bag makes a great present for a 14 year old since they often enjoy camping trips, overnight field trips, and spending nights at friends houses.



Handy stuff sack


Zippers tend to snag

A tool set for a young teen also makes a great gift since they normally have bikes, scooters, skateboards and more that need repairs from time to time. This tool set has most of the common tools your teen will need.


High quality tools

Good case


The tools are somewhat small

  • Consider the young man’s interests and hobbies this often will give you the best clues as to what they would like for a gift.
  • Listen to what the teen talks about and to what things he is enthusiastic about.
  • Check the reviews to make sure the product you are buying are high quality.


Hopefully the gifts on this list will help you to find the right gift for any young man on your shopping list.